Hello and welcome. I have recently realized that I should start chronicling my journey to becoming a better software developer and honing my skills and my craft. Sometime around the first quarter of 2009, I began to realize that my career growth had started to slow, and that if I was not vigilant, my career would stagnate.

Since that time, I have been reading software development books as well as blogs, and trying to understand, absorb and apply that knowledge to writing better code, making better software, and making the software better. I was also fortunate to have come across a user group in the area that somehow manages to get software development luminaries, such as Martin Fowler, Dave Thomas (PragDave), Kent Beck, and others, in the software development field to come out and speak to them for free, and have since started to attend those. I have also just come back from the Software Craftsmanship North America 2010 conference and CodeRetreat, and as a result have plenty of ideas and half-formed thoughts in my head which need to be captured.

As such, is finally time to stop wondering if I have anything worth saying, and time to just start journaling, even if no-one else will ever come across this blog; for even just trying to record those thoughts will clarify them. With that, here is looking forward to being able to document, and reflect, on my journey of continuous improvement as a software developer.