Furnace/Heat Exchange Problem

About 7 years ago in one of my master program courses at The University of Texas at Dallas we were assigned a project that involved the simulation of a furnace. The requirement was that it would be solved three different ways, in process, RPC, and forks.

The main crux of the problem though was a simulation of a furnace and the heat dissipation. The problem was down to a grid of cells, each with its own temperature, and the temperature would change based off of the neighbor cells. There was also a burner in the simulation, that would turn on when the temperature of cells would get below a set threshold.

I figured that this would be a good problem to try solving in Clojure, but I can not remember the overall problem description in order to make an attempt at it.

If anybody knows the problem I am describing, please let me know, as I haven’t been able to find the right terms to search against, so now I am asking for help from the Hive-Mind.


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  1. clartaq

    Have you tried searching for “heat transfer”. The transfer of heat among cells at different temperatures is described by some simple differential equations, easily (?) simulated in program code.

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