Currently Executing Queries in Vertica

As mentioned in my last post – Timestamps in Vertica – we had a query which caused our cluster of servers to run at over 90% CPU utilization, when the normally in 10-20 percent range. This query was slowing down all of the other queries that were running at the time, even to the point where the query SELECT 1 FROM dual was taking 1200+ milliseconds.

In this case, the trick to finding the culprit was to find the queries that had been running for a long period of time.

    (start_timestamp - statement_timestamp()) AS current_duration
    is_executing = 't'

We look at the query_requests table, and find those queries that are still executing, and sort them by their start time. I also added in a column current_duration so we could easily determine how long the queries have been running.

With that we found a query that was the culprit, killed that job, and the database cluster recovered quickly.

Hope this can help someone else when they have some runaway queries they need to find.


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